Dragonhaus, LLC provides only the best habitats for the highest quality of life for your snakes, lizards, spiders and more! Our PVC enclosures, racks, and incubators not only offer the proper necessities needed for your reptile, but also offers some of the LOWEST prices in the market! Shop today to get the best reptile supplies around!

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Dragonhaus, LLC has tailored a product line to suit the all the needs of any reptile enthusiast from professional breeders to first time scale baby owners. As a result our reptile cages are out performing our competitors. We know and understand how it can be hard to find a trusted vendor for reptile cages at an affordable price, so we build our products with these core values in mind: safety, quality, and affordable cost. Our goal is to ensure that your animals are housed and raised as safely and ethically as possible. We also have done rescue work with organizations like Snake Haus.

About Dragonhaus Products

There are 3 main products Dragonhaus, LLC has to offer: PVC Enclosures, PVC Racks, and PVC Incubators. All of these come in standard sizes, but you can contact us if you have any custom builds. We use black/white expanded PVC to keep your items light, durable, fire resistant, water proof, and easy to clean! Using high quality, polycarbonate or glass helps to ensure you get maximum durability and viewability for your cases. It's no secret that we have grown by following our passion for reptile housing, but our products can be used for so much more! Get our reptile cages provide stunning stunning terrariums, PVC incubators for your seedlings and fungi, strong snake racks to help your breeding projects. and even affordable display cases for your retail store! 

Reptile Enclosures

We provide two series of enclosures: the Dragonhaus Terrestrial Series (DH-T) and the Dragonhaus Arboreal Series (DH-A). Each product specially designed to fit the specific need of the individual reptile. The start of all proper reptile care is providing them with the adequate reptile cage. Click below to see what dragon enclosure fits your needs!    

Snake Racks

Dragonhaus, LLC is proud to manufacture racks to fit our primary two tub manufacturers, Freedom Breeder and Sterilite, to suit your breeding or storage needs! Our Dragonhaus Freedom Breeder Series Snake Racks (DH-FB) is the most popular choice amongst breeders, and the Dragonhaus Sterilite Series (DH-S) is the top choice for storage! Click below for more information on what you need!    

PVC Incubators

To make sure your dragon eggs stay nice and toasty, don't miss out on our Dragonhaus Incubators! Although we may have only one style, you can choose from a variety of sizes. If you need a custom incubator for anything from eggs to fungi, please feel free to contact us. Click "This Button" to learn more about incubators in their main applications.  

A Hobby Into A Business

The seeds for the beginning of Dragonhaus were planted in 2016, on a crisp fall morning in Central California, when the owners bought their first reptile, a chameleon named Fever, kept in a main brand reptile cage. Their reptile collection grew steadily over the years, expanding to include all manner of lizards and snakes. As their family grew, the owners grew more and more frustrated over the price gouging for poor quality homes for their beloved reptiles. Fed up with the bs, the owners took a shot at constructing their first snake rack for their ball pythons. Little did they know that their first little rickety rack sparked a passion in them in which they were driven to hone their skills and provide their fellow reptile enthusiasts the affordably priced, high quality reptile enclosures they and their beloved pets deserved. 

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Terrestrial vs Arboreal

Congratulations on becoming a reptile owner! With that comes a few unique responsibilities, the most important of which is knowing what kind of enclosure your reptile needs. Different breeds of reptiles need their own style of environment to be a happy and healthy, and we know that by observing their natural habitat. Dragonhaus, LLC provides two main types of habitat styles: Arboreal and Terrestrial Arboreal is a term that means "relating to, or resembling a tree," meaning the animal from a tree dwelling location will need an Arboreal enclosure to freely climb around. These style of enclosures are typically tall and skinny and are best suited for critters like water dragons, iguanas, various agamas and geckos, boas and pythons. Terrestrial means "relating to the earth," and this refers to mostly ground dwelling reptiles. Terrestrial reptiles still make use of various irregularities in their environment, irregularities often being different microclimates. Terrestrial enclosures, then, must provide such irregularities. All type of terrestrial reptiles will make use of such features as hide boxes or caves, areas of higher humidity, and rocks, branches or shelves for climbing and sunning. Ample width and depth of enclosure are required to ensure enough room for the furnishings and adequate thermoregulation. With this information you should be well on your way to choosing the right reptile cage for your new scale baby!

Built By the Best, For the Best!

Dragonhaus, LLC offers the HIGHEST QUALITY cabinet style PVC incubators on the market, priced not only for the professional breeder, but the amateur hobbyist and beginners as well. These incubators have been used to hatch everything from beautiful bearded dragon babies to ball pythons to majestic monitor lizards. We have been using these incubators for our own collections for many years, and have consistently refined the design to provide the best for your hatchlings. Used by breeders around the world, you can not go wrong with a Dragonhaus DHI Series Incubator. Before the peak egg laying season we recommend that you anticipate your needs and order early for faster completion time. If you have an odd sized tub or special need for your incubator dimensions, feel free to contact us and we can determine if a custom unit is possible. Please allow more time for custom units. All models have an air circulating fan to provide very little temperature fluctuation from the top shelf to the bottom. Polycarbonate glass doors allow viewing your clutches without opening the door. Heavy duty latches keep door closed securely. Space saving design, and very lightweight. All models have 1 adjustable shelf included. (available to fit a custom amount) Years of research and development have gone in to the manufacturing of our incubators to provide you with a high quality, dependable incubator for all your egg hatching needs DONT WAIT! Your babies are getting cold. We want to make the best for YOU! Click here to order your Dragonhaus DHI Series PVC Incubator today!!!  

Get Breeding

Dragonhaus, LLC takes pride in the quality of their breeding racks, as we make sure each rack comes standard with a recessed 4" belly heat on each rack so your reptiles stay warm. Now the question is, what rack type is best for you? The largest factor of snake rack design is, what brand of tubs are you using? We provide two standard type of racks, Freedom Breeder and Sterilite. Freedom Breeder is know to the be the industry leader in reptile breeding tubs, and we hand-craft our snake racks to specifically fit each size tub. These racks are the top-of-the-line products and are highly recommended by our customers. Sterilite tubs are of a lesser quality, but with more versatility. With that, the Sterilite is our economy brand rack for those that are on a budget. We understand that there are more tub manufacturers that you may use, so our team is willing to work with you to design you rack to the perfect specifications. Contact our team to start an inquiry.

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We love hearing from our customers and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out! Also if you need a custom build we are more than happy to discuss your needs!

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