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Beginners Guide To Proper Reptile Keeping

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Does the idea of keeping pets appeal to you, but you want to try something different? If you decide on having a reptile pet, you can indeed expect a unique experience. 

Keeping pet reptiles is both enjoyable and rewarding. They do not require ample space and prove to be great companions.

If you have a habit of going for something different, this is the perfect choice for you. However, before you go out getting one for yourself, keep one thing in mind. Reptile care is no joke.

You need to know the basic reptile keeping rules to ensure that you are not taken by surprise with your little companion. Indeed, the experience can be fatal for the animal if you are not adequately prepared. This is not something you would want on your conscience. 

Therefore, reading up more on reptile care and reptile keeping rules is an excellent way to start.

Get Reptile Care Products Ready

If you indeed want a reptile as a pet, you are in for some research. Reptile care differs depending on the specie you get. 

Therefore, before bringing any reptile home, you need to learn about its unique needs and nutrition. Furthermore, sometimes, specific reptile keeping rules and regulations have to be followed depending on the state you reside in. 

If you think it's too much effort, abandon the idea of bringing a reptile home. You wouldn't be able to fulfill its needs. 

Reptile Enclosures For Your Little Friend 

Well, if you are getting a pet, you need to make arrangements for its accommodations, right? Therefore, the first thing to do is take a look at reptile enclosures as this will be your pet's home. 

While going through the reptile enclosures, remember that a bigger cage is best for a reptile.  It should be well-ventilated and have enough space for the reptile to move around. One of the most significant things that go against reptile keeping rules is keeping them in confined areas where they can't move around freely.

Make the environment as close to their natural habitat as possible. This depends on the reptile you are getting. At the same time, cleaning and disinfecting the enclosure shouldn't be a challenging feat for you.

Are you confused about where you can find multiple reptile enclosures and select something suited to your requirements? Luckily, Dragonhaus, LLC, will help you out. They have many handcrafted custom enclosure in standard sizes.

Their enclosures ensure quality and are easy to maintain too. Therefore, get one of the Dragonhaus, LLC reptile enclosures, and furnish it as per your little companion's natural habitat. Don't forget to place a water dish in it.

Reptile care wouldn't be complete without timely cleaning of this enclosure. Irrespective of which Dragonhaus, LLC reptile enclosure you get, make sure that you maintain it properly. 

Why Are PVC Incubators Needed?

This must be confusing. What do incubators have to do with reptile care products? There could be two situations. 

You might have forgotten in your excitement to get a pet that the reptile will lay eggs. It is indeed, thrilling to realize that your pet has deposited eggs but how to care for it?

Another situation could be that you got yourself a reptile egg as you don't want to miss a minute of your companion's journey from egg to adulthood.

Whatever it is, you have to devise a method that would keep the eggs alive. This is where PVC incubators come into the picture.

The eggs have to be stored at a suitable temperature to survive. The appropriate temperature setting depends on the specie of reptile you get. However, typically, the range is between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Humidity is as vital as temperature and again depends on the specie. The eggs shouldn't rotate to prevent the embryo from drowning.

PVC incubators increase the chances of egg survival since you can create a more controlled environment. Custom-built incubators by Dragonhaus, LLC, are just the right thing for you. These PVC incubators are high-quality and will indeed be among your most valuable tools if you want to be a serious breeder. 

Get one of these incubators by Dragonhaus, LLC, if you want to keep the eggs warm and thriving.

Should You Get PVC Reptile Racks?

You will often hear the mention of PVC reptile racks when you read up on reptile care products. What are these? They are vertical shelving units designed for those who want to keep multiple reptiles in a limited amount of space. 

Breeder racks by Dragonhaus, LLC have long-lasting and convenient. These are the perfect choice for serious breeders as they are highly efficient and will provide your little companion with a secure environment.

You will find it easier to maintain temperature for your reptiles if you have one of these. They are escape-resistant too, and cleaning and maintenance shouldn't be an issue either. Get Dragonhaus, LLC PVC reptile racks, and keep multiple reptiles in a limited space with ease.

You will also need lighting fixtures, a thermometer, aquatic filtration to control humidity, and similar reptile care products. These items will ensure that your reptile continues to thrive.

Tips For Reptile Care

Keeping a pet reptile can be a nerve-wracking experience if you don't have some guidance. Here are some ideas for reptile care that should help you out.

  • Ensure that you know your reptile's nutritional needs and take measures to provide it with an appropriate diet according to its age.
  • Be careful of where you touch your reptile. Your touch shouldn't invoke fear in it lest it goes into the defense mode.
  • Make sure you handle them with clean hands. Reptiles can detect even faint smells. You wouldn't want the reptile to mistake your hand as its food.
  • Don't use head restraints on your pet reptile. Your pet will come to fear you.
  • Keep the reptile enclosures clean to prevent infections. 


Remember, reptile care shouldn't be taken lightly. These species have particular requirements. Any negligence can claim their lives. Therefore, only opt for this pet if you think you can adhere to the reptile keeping rules. Rest assured, reptile care products by Dragonhaus, LLC will assist you in every way possible.

Reptile care might seem a lot, but you will find it worth the effort in the end.


  • Thanks for the tip about knowing your reptile’s nutritional needs. I’m hoping to get a lizard for my son soon. I’ll make sure he gets fed the proper diet.

    Eve Mitchell
  • I found it helpful when you said that you must know the unique needs and nutrition that a reptile needs before purchasing one. My brother will surely find this tip helpful because he mentioned the other day over lunch that he is interested in purchasing a ball python that he can keep in his new condominium unit. I will ask him to consider your tips so he can be sure that he can care for it with the right amount of everything that it needs to live and survive.

    Shammy Peterson

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