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The Dragonhaus Reptile Kits provides the basic equipment needed to properly house your beloved reptile, amphibian, or arachnid. With that in mind we designed this line of products to tailor fit each animal and your budget. These affordable reptile enclosure bundles come fully equipped with everything you need to keep your dragon babies nice and happy!


Spiders, more commonly Tarantulas, are a very common, low upkeep pet. Tarantulas mainly require a bioactive environment to be fully comfortable. Typically equipped with substrate and some perches for climbing, Arachnid enclosures also need to be secure and well lit for your safety as well as the animals. 

What You Get!

Dragonhaus PVC Enclosure: 

Dragonhaus Small Arboreal Enclosure 18" (Length) x 18" (Depth) x 24" (Height)


The Arachnid Kit comes with LEDs that provide the proper light temperature to make sure your plants will thrive!


  • The Arachnid Kit comes in the Dragonhaus Bioactive Enclosure style. (The bottom lip of the enclosure will be 2" taller to adequately fit all your layers.)
  • This enclosure comes standard with a swing door.

Reptile Supplies:

  • (1) 12" LED bar with powersupply
  • (1) Thermometer/Hydrogemeter