Reptile Systems T5HO Bulbs

Reptile Systems T5HO Bulbs
Reptile Systems T5HO Bulbs

Reptile Systems T5HO Bulbs

Reptile Systems lamps for T5 fixtures are a revolutionary new range of high performance T5 reptile lamps from Aquarium Systems. have been established as world leaders in Aquarium, Aviation, and Reptile technology/production for over fifty years. Offering a significant increase in both visible light and UV output compared with T8 lamps of similar length. These will also out perform all CFL UVB bulbs. Reptile systems reptile lamps are designed as top of the range bulbs providing optimum lighting and UV to a vast range of species, meaning you can be sure you're providing the very best to them.

Note: If you order fixtures with the bulbs, Dragonhaus will ship the bulbs seperate from the fixtures. They are 100% guaranteed. Due to the sensitivity and expense of shipping Dragonhaus, LLC is NOT ABLE to accept returns on Reptile Systems products.

Our current turnaround times are as follows:

Racks, Enclosures, and Incubators is approximately 18-20 weeks and is subject to change.

Enclosure backgrounds ship in 1- weeks. For custom backgrounds, turnaround is 3-4 weeks.

Reptile supplies and other stand alone products will ship within 7 days.

On larger orders you will be invoiced for shipping cost after your purchase.

We provide 48 hours to cancel your order for a refund. After that time we will no longer provide order cancelations or refund barring an error on our end.

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