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Coco Blox

Dragonhaus, LLC is proud to announce that we are now an official distributor of Freedom Breeder's Coco Blox substrate in the Pacific-Northwest! We absolutely love this product as it provides a nice and compact way to store your substrate. By just adding water, you can watch as the triple washed, 100% organic compressed cocochip expand to fit your enclosure to the designed specifications. The 3.4lb blox expand to fill 1 FB-70 tub,3 FB-40 tubs or 5 FB-10’s. The 10lb blox can expand to 2.5 cubic feet, enough to fill 6 to 8 FB-70 tubs.

Our current turnaround time is approximately 20-23 weeks and is subject to change. On larger orders you will be invoiced for shipping cost after your purchase.

We provide 48 hours to cancel your order for a refund. After that time we will no longer provide order cancelations or refund barring an error on our end.

As a gerneral preactice we suggest using basking bulbs and T5HOs for most lizards.

Snakes we typically suggest radiant heat pannels and LEDs.

If you have questions about a specific animal feel free to contact us via email, Facebook, or our chat feature below!

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