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Although Dragonhaus primarily advertises as reptile enclosure specialists, our expert staff has years' worth of animal care experience to assure our habitats are of the highest quality for all species. Together with a local exotic veterinary practice, we produced the first Dragonhaus ICUs for small animals. We understand that each species dictates strict environments while in recovery, so each ICU is designed to regulate environmental needs while keeping the animal safe and sterile.

Our systems offer any rehabilitation efforts complete control of the patients' environment. Heating, lighting, and circulation fans are all individually controlled and paired with the included 600 Watt PID thermostat, keeping the exact temperature a simple task. We have also included an audio and visual alarm system as a fail-safe, alerting the keeper if the temperature exceeds a 5-degree variation. These are just a few of the unique features we offer with Dragonhaus ICUs, and a complete list is detailed below!

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Dragonhaus ICU Specifications

ModelSmall TerrestrialMedium TerrestrialLarge TerrestrialSmall ArborealMedium ArborealLarge Arboreal
Outer Dimensions (LxDxH)34x14x14"46x14x18"58x12x18"34x14x18"34x14x24"34x14x36"
Inner Dimensions24x12x12"36x12x16"48x12x16"24x12x16"24x12x22"24x12x34"
PTC Heater Wattage(1) 180W(1) 180W(1) 250W(1) 180W(1) 250W(2) 180W
Circulation Fans(1) 120mm(1) 120mm(1) 120mm(1) 120mm(1) 120mm(2) 120mm
Lighting(1) 5V LED(1) 5V LED(2) 5V LED(1) 5V LED(1) 5V LED(2) 5V LED
Thermostat IncludedYesYesYesYesYesYes
Oxygen Meter3 L/m3 L/m10 L/m3 L/m3 L/m10 L/m
Oxygen BubblerYesYesYesYesYesYes
HEPA FilterYesYesYesYesYesYes

HEPA Safe Environment

We equip the Dragonhaus ICUs with an H14 HEPA Filter for the pathogens, which is more than 0.3 micron, reaching filtration efficiency as high as 99.97%!

Simple Observation and Access

Observation of the recovering animal is accessible with a porthole and sliding polycarbonate doors. In addition, each point of access comes equipped with locks for extra security!

Safety Control

Each unit houses multiple heating control systems and alarms to regulate the environment's temperature. For example, an alarm will sound if the system's internal temperature changes by 5 degrees.

Lightweight and Eco-Friendly

The Dragonhaus ICU units are primarily designed with the animal's well-being in mind. However, we did not disregard the caretakers. ICUs are 20-60lbs each and made with minimal waste, so your body and mind can rest at ease.

Internal O2 System 

Monitor and control the oxygen in your Dragonhaus ICUs! Each unit provides a compartment holding the easy-to-refill Oxygen Bubbler and a 3-6 L/m Oxygen Meter to control O2 flow.

Safety and Quality

At Dragonhaus, LLC, we understand that keeping your beloved animals safe is your top priority, and now it is ours! We use only the best PVC and Polycarbonate glass to ensure our ICUs are resistant to the harshest elements, durable, and long-lasting.

Stunning Design

Dragonhaus ICUs are clean, sleek, and appealing while providing a sterile environment! Designed to attach a variety of fixtures and accessories inside, you will not have to worry about making significant adjustments to the ICUs when needed!

Stack Them Up!

We design our ICUs to be stackable so you can maximize vertical space in your clinic. Large or small, you can stack them all! Center supports are provided upon request. "On top of that," we offer bases and storage for every ICU size so you can keep organized.

Highlighted Features

  • Stackable Units
  • Removeable Dishwasher Safe Tray
  • 1/2" Black and White Expanded PVC Panels
  • Closed-Cell Surface allows easy clean-up
  • 1/4" Polycarbonate Doors w/Locks
  • Matte finish (This feature provides a non-reflective surface inside to keep the animal from getting stressed.)
  • 180-250 Watt Integrated PTC Heater
  • Recessed LED Lighting
  • Built-in 600 Watt PID Thermostat with a Solid State Fail Relay
  • 4" Castors for Mobility on Request
  • Internal 120mm Circulation Fan

Control Your System

When we say take control, we mean it. It is imperative that sterile, closed systems, like our patent-pending ICUs, be monitored and finely tuned for the rehabilitating species. As perfect as we want our units to be, monitoring and controlling humidity is an internal system our engineers are working diligently to design. However, we know how important humidity is when rehabilitating some species and provided a Nebulizer port in the door for ease of access. This port works best with Bair Hugger Hose.

Why choose Dragonhaus ICUs?

Worldwide Shipping

We have made it a prideful fact to offer our products internationally. So near or far, you can have shelter in Dragonhaus.

Keeper's Guarantee

We at Dragonhaus fully understand the fine details needed in any animal caretaking. That's why we offer the Keeper's Guarantee: If you or your animal is not satisfied with our product, contact us so we may resolve the issues swiftly.

Supreme Customer Support

We have no claim to perfection, so day or night, our representatives are here to assist you with any concerns.