Wilson's Ridge Background

Wilson's Ridge Background in an Enclosure
Wilson's Ridge Background in an Enclosure Side View
Wilson's Ridge Background in an Enclosure side view, close up
Wilson's Ridge Background
Front View of a Reptile Background with end caps
Side View of a Reptile Background with no end caps
Side View of a Reptile Background with end caps
Classic Brown Background Color
Castle Rock Grey Background Color
Classic Grey Background Color

Wilson's Ridge Background


Spice up your terrariums with perfect rocky terrain backgrounds. These high-quality backdrops create a pleasant aesthetic feel to your enclosures or aquariums, but they also help your animals have a sense of being in their natural habitat. Dragonhaus is happy to partner with Universal Rocks to provide you with the best backgrounds for your reptile enclosures.

Wilson's Ridge is perfect for the smaller critters that like to explore crevices! Snakes, lizards, frogs, and even fish for those with aquariums will enjoy this enriching background.

Special Features and Specifications:


Wilson's Ridge comes in three paint-free colors:
    1. Classic Brown: The MOST popular with browns, blacks, yellows, and some tans to give this color a natural look.
    2. Classic Grey: The grey tones lightly blended with black allow this fantastic color to be highly VERSATILE. 
    3. Castle Rock Grey: This brand new color takes the classic gray base and adds a visually STUNNING twist with oranges and tans.
    • A unique blend of oxides, sands, and crushed rock is used for the coloring process of our rocks to avoid using toxic paints.
    • The rocks are expertly hand-colored with handmade colors and manufactured in the USA from start to finish.


    • 100% animal safe polyurea/polyurethane blend.
    • Easy to work with and shape for a perfect fit!
    • It can reach up to 8" deep in places.
    • Thickness ranges from 3-10". 

      End Caps:

      We are happy to offer end caps for this style of background. Here are a few benefits:

      • It prevents you from seeing behind your terrarium.
      • Provides more aesthetics to your vivarium.
      • Great for concealing heaters behind the background.
      • Does not protrude any further than the main body of the background.

       ***Please note that the photos of the end caps may not be for this particular background style. We have provided them as examples. Thank you!***


      Our current turnaround times are as follows:

      Racks, Enclosures, and Incubators is approximately 18-20 weeks and is subject to change.

      Enclosure backgrounds ship in 1- weeks. For custom backgrounds, turnaround is 3-4 weeks.

      Reptile supplies and other stand alone products will ship within 7 days.

      On larger orders you will be invoiced for shipping cost after your purchase.

      We provide 48 hours to cancel your order for a refund. After that time we will no longer provide order cancelations or refund barring an error on our end.