Custom Builds

Here at Dragonhaus, we want to offer more than just the typical six-walls-and-a-door animal habitats. This is why our team carefully designs and produces unique enclosures, ICUs, Incubators, and so much more. We take pride in sitting down and speaking with our clients with unique specifications so that our customers and their animals can have the best possible tools for care. Here are some of our custom builds recently made!

Small Animal ICUs

Although Dragonhaus primarily advertises as reptile enclosure specialists, our expert staff has years' worth of animal care experience to assure our habitats are of the highest quality for all species. Together with a local exotic veterinary practice, we produced the first Dragonhaus ICUs for small animals. We understand each species dictates strict environments when in recovery, so each ICU is designed to regulate a wide range of temperatures and humidity while keeping the animal in a safe and sterile environment. If you are interested in a Dragonhaus Small Animal ICU, please message us in the messenger app provided below on the website, or email us at

It warms our hearts to see these small animals recovering nicely in their ICUs, and we look forward to designing yours as well!

Local Installs

Are you a local pet store in the Pacific North-West looking for a fresh look? Are you a veterinary clinic needing a wall full of secure and long-lasting enclosures? Or are you the reptile enthusiast with a wall full of space just longing for a wall display? Contact us below or email us at, and we can see if you qualify for local installs.

Local Terrarium Installation
Installation of a local reptile shop.
Local Install
 Local home installation.


We understand that Dragonhaus primarily advertises as a reptile enclosure manufacturer, but our team also has extensive, professional knowledge on animal care in general. Being so, we welcome those with non-reptile animals to reach out so that we can build an enclosure for you. Message us below or send an email to for species-specific recommendations.

Custom Kit
Above is an example of an Uromastyx build not currently offered as a kit.

Custom Builds

This is where we want to stick out against the other leading reptile enclosure manufacturers. Just give us the dimensions of a wall and how many enclosures, and we can make a fantastic display for you. Already have something in mind? Well, check out our Build-Your-Own Enclosure pages for terrestrial and arboreal animals. We want to hear from you so that together we can design and create an incredible habitat for your animals!

Custom Enclosure Build

Stacked custom wall build



Custom Terrarium Build

Custom enclosure made from reclaim. The team got creative with this one, and the customer was delighted.


Home Custom Reptile Cage

An example of what you can do with the Build-Your-Own selections! Unique look and fits nice!