PVC enclosures retain heat 3 times as well as glass and 2 times as well as melamine enclosures.

Be sure to start out with lower powered bulbs and work your way up to the desired temps.


Q: Can we pick up from the shop?

A: Yes! Select local pickup at checkout if you would like to save on shipping. We are located in Lakewood Washington

Q: "What material do you use?"

A: 12mm / 1/2" PALRAM and Vycom Expanded PVC


Q: How hard is it to make a PVC Enclosure bioactive?

A: Very easy! Just water seal all seams and the enclosure will be completely waterproof and can be built however you like.


Q: " Why is PVC Better?:

A: PVC is inherently waterproof, will not expand or break down like Melamine or wood, It is also 25%+ lighter. A 48x24x24 enclosure weighs merely 35 pounds with the doors.


Q: What is your average turnaround time?"

A: 10-14 weeks


Q: "What is included with your racks?"

A: 4" recessed belly heat


Q: "What fixtures should I get for XYZ?"

A" When ordering for a snake you should use a radiant heat panel and LED unless you want to also provide UVB, in which case order a T5HO fixture instead of LED. For Lizards you will need a T5HO and either a single or dual fixture depending on heat requirements.


Q: "Does Dragonhaus offer any discounts?"

A: We absolutely do offer discount opportunities!

Bulk Orders

Have a large order? Automatically Get 10% off any order $2000 or more. Bulk orders offer the best deal for the reptile keeper! Discounts are not applied to shipping.


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