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The Dragonhaus Reptile Kits provides the basic equipment needed to properly house your beloved reptile, amphibian, or arachnid. With that in mind we designed this line of products to tailor fit each animal and your budget. These affordable reptile enclosure bundles come fully equipped with everything you need to keep your dragon babies nice and happy!

Ball Pythons

Ball pythons are some of the most common household snakes due to their ease of upkeep and low temperament. The Python regius, or the Royal Python, is native to grassland and shrublands of west and central Africa, and get its more common name “Ball Python” for their habit to curl up into a tight ball. These snakes can live up to 30 years and tend to get 4 to 5 feet long! Due to the lifespan of Ball Pythons, you would typically only want to change it’s enclosure two or three times throughout it’s life. Because the Royal Python is native to Africa, it is recommended to provide a warmer heat gradient (95F on the warm side and 78F on the cool), a place to hide, and maybe a perch to climb. Ball Pythons also require a humidity level of 40-60% and possibly more when they are about to shed. It is not necessary to provide Ball Pythons with UVB lighting so basic LEDs on a light cycle to emulate day and night would be sufficient. Finally you gotta add some substrate! Ball Pythons like to burrow and hide so adding some substrate like Freedom Breeder’s Coco Blox is an absolute must!

What You Get!


Juvenile - Dragonhaus Baby Beast 36" (Length) x 18" (Depth) x 18" (Height)

Adult - Dragonhaus 4ft Terrestrial Enclosure 48" (Length) x 24" (Depth) x 18" (Height)


Ball Pythons require a temperature gradient of 78F to 95F. Because these snakes like to burrow and hide in their warm spots, Dragonhaus has designed its Ball Python Enclosure Kits to include a 50 Watt Radiant Heat Panel for adults and 32 Watt Radiant Heat Panel for juveniles.

IMPROTANT!!!!! PVC Enclosures retain heat better than other materials. Make sure to closely monitor the heat when setting up the enclosure, and adjust accordingly. Dragonhaus, LLC is not responsible for animals harmed by enclosures overheating.


LEDs with a 12V adapter included. (We provide LEDs that emit the proper color temperature needed for plant-life to flourish.)

Juvenile - 22” LED Bar

Adult - 34” LED Bar


  • The Ball Python Kit comes in the Dragonhaus Bioactive Enclosure style. (The bottom lip of the enclosure will be 2" taller to adequately fit all your layers.)
  • This enclosure comes standard with a slide door and equipped with a lock.