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The Dragonhaus Reptile Kits provides the basic equipment needed to properly house your beloved reptile, amphibian, or arachnid. With that in mind we designed this line of products to tailor fit each each animal and your budget. These affordable reptile enclosure bundles come fully equipped with everything you need to keep your dragon babies nice and happy!

Crested Gecko Kit
Crested Geckos are small lizard that prefer a relatively humid and temperate environment. Most keepers find that a humidity range of 50-70% and a temperature gradient of 75-83F seem to be a perfect fit for these cute lizards. Because they don't get large, Cresties don't require a lot of space and are a perfect animal to start your reptile keeping hobby. These cuties don't typically require UVB lighting if they are provided with the proper diet with Vitamin D. These arboreal lizards spend most of their time above ground, and like to climb and hang out in partial shade, so good climbing perches and plants would be great in this enclosure!

What You Get!
Dragonhaus Swing door Cubic Enclosure 24" (Length) x 24" (Depth) x 24" (Height)

Due to the crested gecko's ability to live comfortably in room temperature, we do not provide a heating source for this set. However if you feel like you may need one please feel free to add some heating!
IMPROTANT!!!!! PVC Enclosures retain heat better than other materials. Make sure to closely monitor the heat when setting up the enclosure, and adjust accordingly. Dragonhaus, LLC is not responsible for animals harmed by enclosures overheating.

12" LED bar with a 12V adapter included. (We provide LEDs that emit the proper color temperature needed for plant-life to flourish.)

  • The Crested Gecko Kit comes in the Dragonhaus Bioactive Enclosure style. (The bottom lip of the enclosure will be 2" taller to adequately fit all your layers.)
  • This enclosure come standard with a swing door and equipped with a lock.

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