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The Dragonhaus Reptile Kits provides the basic equipment needed to properly house your beloved reptile, amphibian, or arachnid. With that in mind we designed this line of products to tailor fit each animal and your budget. These affordable reptile enclosure bundles come fully equipped with everything you need to keep your dragon babies nice and happy!



Being some of the most ancient and interesting animals in the world, Tortoises have become a common generational member of families across the globe. Given a proper diet and environment, these animals can live up to, if not more than, 100 years old! Due to how large tortoises can get, they will need plenty of room to roam in their enclosure. Tortoises love to soak so make sure you have a nice shallow water area so they can swim! In nature, tortoises need to make use of the sun and shade to help thermoregulate their body temperature, so be sure to include a ceramic heat emitter for a basking spot, and a nice little hide for them to cool off! Oh and don't forget that Vitamin D!!! Tortoises need UVB light to provide the adequate amount of vitamins to be happy and healthy!

What You Get!

Dragonhaus PVC Enclosure: 

Juvenile -Dragonhaus  4ft Terrestrial Enclosure 48" (Length) x 24" (Depth) x 18" (Height)

Adult - Dragonhaus 6ft Terrestrial Enclosure 72" (Length) x 24" (Depth) x 18" (Height)



The Dragonhaus Tortoise kits come with the following to make sure your Tortoise has enough warmth!

Juvenile - Single Heat Fixture With Wire Heat Shield

Adult - Dual Heat Fixtures with Wire Heat Shield


IMPROTANT!!!!! PVC Enclosures retain heat better than other materials. Make sure to closely monitor the heat when setting up the enclosure, and adjust accordingly. Dragonhaus, LLC is not responsible for animals harmed by enclosures overheating.



T5HO Light fixtures (12% UVB Bulb Included)

Juvenile - 24”

Adult - (2ct) 24” 



  • The Tortoise Kit comes in the Dragonhaus Bioactive Enclosure style. (The bottom lip of the enclosure will be 2" taller to adequately fit all your layers.)
  • This enclosure comes standard with a slide door and equipped with a lock.


Reptile Supplies:



Dragonhaus PVC Enclosure: 

Juvenile -Dragonhaus  4ft Terrestrial Enclosure 48" (Length) x 24" (Depth) x 18" (Height)